Age IQ Night and Day Cream:

Your Heroes of Anti-age Skincare

I’ve always taken care of my skin, but I started to notice the products I was using weren’t getting me the results I was looking for. More prominent fine lines, more skin dullness were making me look more…”tired.” I needed something better.

You’ve been there. You go to the cosmetic store and speak to someone at the counter. Overwhelmed by the choices, you buy the product with the best sales pitch. You waste a lot of money that way. And, you can’t return an empty bottle to your local department store if you’re unhappy with it. That just doesn’t happen. Everything was trial and error for me until I discovered the two bottles that had it all, my heroes, Neora Age IQ Night and Day Cream.

I picked this skincare from the thousands of options out there, because I was really impressed with Neora’s powerful ingredients. All botanical, cruelty-free, and based in science. As soon as I started using Age IQ, I immediately noticed a difference. For several reasons…

I learned about Signum Biosciences, the company from Princeton who patented the Sig-1273 formula. This advanced anti-aging ingredient helps combat the look of fine lines and wrinkles by inhibiting the breakdown of collagen.

In other words, it helps plump the skin! Not all heroes wear capes. Age IQ Night Cream contains TC3-Armor, a proprietary exclusive ingredient that takes out skin’s number one enemy…POLLUTION! It even applies like a gentle mask that acts as a shield, so that when you sleep you won’t get wrinkles from your pillows and sheets. This night in shining armor removes the pollutants and detoxes your skin while you sleep, revealing a brighter, fresher face when you wake up.

Also, its patent-pending ingredient Sal-14 addresses discoloration and wrinkles. But why are Age IQ Night Cream and Day Cream especially my heroes? As a busy mom, I love that Age IQ is quick, multifunctional and easy to use. In the morning I apply three pumps of the day cream over my face, neck and chest. Before bed, I follow the same routine using the night cream. It’s that simple. These products help address fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, large pores, saggy skin, and discoloration.

It moisturizes and helps blemishes too. Using this power couple together fights the signs of aging 24 hours a day…SAVING me time, money, and my skin!

Fast-forward to today and I wake up seeing a remarkable difference. Diminished fine lines, improved brightness, and radiant skin…Do you wake up feeling that way? I do. And you can too.