I’m Paulette.

I’m an Independent Brand Partner with Neora, a mom and entrepreneur with ambitious dreams, and I have a serious passion for skincare and wellness. I cannot wait to share with you the transformative power of Neora’s proven, age-fighting products and the breakthrough entrepreneurial business opportunity.

Look Better, Feel Better, Live Better.

My main-gig:

I’ve spent the last three decades working as a top performing sales entrepreneur and professional speaker (400+ and counting) for Strategic Coach Inc., the premier coaching company for successful entrepreneurs.

My role has taken me to many beautiful cities around the world such as Johannesburg, Mexico City, Waikiki, London, Dublin, and everywhere else in between. I’m a travel addict. I love every opportunity that I get visiting new cities, sharing Strategic Coach concepts and tools.

Co-founders, Babs Smith and Dan Sullivan, created a superior Program for successful entrepreneurs. Hands down it’s the best coaching program out there. If you haven’t heard of us, head on over to strategiccoach.com

Simply put, our Programs, podcasts, and blogs rock.

My side-gig:

I’m a proud and passionate Independent Brand Partner with Neora.
I started on my Neora journey in early 2019 after following my Doctor friend, as she posted ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures on Facebook. I was a product user for a few short weeks before I jumped into the business opportunity. I was that impressed…and I haven’t looked back!

One of my favourite activities within Neora is hosting “Real Results Parties” (RRPs). I love helping my Brand Partners grow their business though RRPs, and would love to help you too. Who doesn’t love a good party!

Why am I so committed to Neora? Having great skin makes you feel like you can accomplish anything. I want to help women change the direction of their lives by taking control of their future. How does one do this with skincare? Knowing that anything is possible with consistency and commitment. Daily habits and routines whether in your daily skincare regimen or in your business life, leads to powerful transformations. Neora is changing the course of my life and it might just change yours too!

My home life:

I live in the lovely Riverdale neighbourhood of Toronto, Canada with my two children Jack and Avery.

My kiddos are my life. When I’m not traveling or hanging with my little ones, I’m either gardening, decorating, cooking or baking. I love being in the kitchen and I’m guilty of having way too many kitchen gadgets. You just never know when you’ll need that double mezzaluna!

I’m also a creative type. I love photography for travel, portraits, and landscape.

I’m also known within my neighbourhood to have the coolest Halloween lawn decor this side of the Atlantic.  Yes, I wear my domestic goddess badge proudly.

When it’s time for “me” time, you’ll find me shopping (I call it retail therapy), at the spa, reading or meditating with my Muse2. I work really hard so rest and rejuvenation are extremely important to my own personal growth and mastery. I take self-care very seriously and so should you!

If you’re sick of the status quo, and want something different for your life,
join me on this journey. Life’s too short. I promise that this will be
the most fun you’ve ever had since, well…maybe ever!